Welcome to Petcon Inc

your one stop shop for your PET container needs.

With our vast experience in the manufacturing of PET containers, Petcon can help you find the right container from our own product catalogue or if you require your own personal design, help you from the concept to final product. Our thorough knowledge combined with our state of the art equipment will ensure that you receive a high quality product at a very competitive price! Contact us now!

Concept to design

Concept to design: our desire is to bring quality and convenience, to each and every client. We have a proven ability to work with a diverse range of clients, both large and small.

Our services also include consulting, prototyping, material selection, and manufacturability analysis. We have the expertise and experience to work directly with engineers, and finally we also make tests on production to guarantee the best quality.

Range of equipment

We have a range of equipment that includes:

  • Modern high speed rotary blow molders for large volume production
  • Linear blow molders for small custom production.
  • Semi automatic palletizing
  • Well maintained installations ensuring a clean production environment
  • Testing laboratory for Quality control
  • ADS-1
  • BlOW-SIG Serie 6-1